We aim to provide a service to our tenants that exceeds their expectations. Please search our listings and register your details even if a suitable property does not appear as the availability changes daily.

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Tenants information form


Application Process

Prior to proceeding with your application for a chosen property, a representative of Property Power will have spoken to you regarding being a suitable tenant for this property i.e. a suitable level of income. To take the property off the market, we require the applicants to pay one week’s rent as a Holding Deposit as per the Tenant Act 2019, as soon as possible, as the property is marketed on a first come, first served basis. This will be taken off your first month’s rent. You will then be required to pay the remaining balance of the rent by the move in appointment (details below).

Note – We recommend that you do not put more than one Holding Deposit down on multiple properties.

All prospective tenants are required to complete the credit check and reference forms (which will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the Holding Deposit being paid) as soon as possible. This is due to your application having to be completed and accepted within 14 days. You may lose your Holding Deposit if the applications have not been completed within the required time, all the relevant ID and documents required have not been provided or you withdraw your application. In this instance, Property Power reserves the right to cancel your application and re-advertise the property.

The reference company will carry out a credit check, employer’s reference and previous Landlord’s reference (if applicable). It is therefore critical to provide accurate information about your employment and your financial position before payment of the holding deposit in order to avoid disappointment at a later stage. You must not provide false or misleading information. If you do provide false or misleading information, Property Power reserves the right to cancel your application and keep your Holding Deposit. The property will be re-advertised.

If the Landlord chooses to withdraw the property from the market, your Holding Deposit will be refunded to you.


Client Money Protection (CMP)

Property Power holds all tenants money, including rent, Holding Deposits and Security Deposits in a separate Client Money Account held with NatWest.

This account is not combined with any other accounts Property Power may hold.



We require you to pay a Holding Deposit to reserve the property under the Tenant Fees Act 2019.  Property Power will remove the property from the market and carry out the appropriate referencing checks.

Your deposit will be required to be paid 7-10 days in advance of the move in appointment. This can either be paid by BACS into our account or by Debit or Credit Card over the phone or in our office.

Your Holding Deposit will be held in a separate bank account which is protected by CMP (Client Money Protection). 

You will be provided with a copy of the Prescribed Information, the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) Terms and Conditions and the Deposit Certificate of Protection.


Items to note

If you have county court judgments, bankruptcies, or Individually Voluntary Arrangements registered against you it may prove impossible to grant you a tenancy. If you have had previous or missed payments this also may have an effect on your credit worthiness.  In this event we will discuss with the Landlord any other options which may be possible including paying additional rent in advance. If you fail to disclose details about your credit history that are subsequently picked up by our searches, your application will be refused and your holding deposit will not be refunded.

The ultimate decision on whether to accept you as a tenant lies with the owner of the property and not with Property Power. We have no influence over the Landlords decision and their decision is final.


Information required

You will need to provide the information requested below after the holding deposit has been paid. These documents will be kept securely in our offices and returned to you prior to you moving in except for photo ID that will be kept on file.

  • Photo ID – passport or any other official form of ID
  • 3 month’s bank statements
  • Proof of income – Signed contract of employment, letter from employer (on company headed paper) or 3 month’s payslips
  • Utility Bill or Council Tax Statement 

If you are a homeowner, we also require- 

  • Your most recent mortgage statement

NOTE: Utility Bills and Bank Statements will need to be dated within 3 months. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.


Important information

  • Properties are let ‘as seen’ unless otherwise agreed at point of reservation. When you reserve the property, the negotiator will write down any works which have been agreed if any and a copy of this will be emailed to you. Nothing you may have discussed on the viewing is contractually binding.
  • Properties will be cleaned prior to a new tenancy starting. It may have been cleaned by the previous tenant or by the Landlord. On occasions some properties may have been cleaned professionally. However, unless the property has been recently decorated or refurbished you should not expect the condition to be brand new. If someone has lived in the property previously there will be general marks on the walls and carpets (this would have been evident on your viewing).
  • An anticipated move in date will be discussed on the viewing and if the reference process is completed and accepted we will try and ensure the property is ready.
  • If the anticipated move in date is longer than 14 days for the referencing, Property Power will agree a new Tenancy start date with you.
  • We will not be able to hold a property for later than two weeks of the anticipated move in date.
  • Unless otherwise stated, you are responsible for Council Tax and all household bills. If you are renting a leasehold property, the landlord will pay the ground rent and any service charge.
  • The Landlord does not guarantee that any TV aerials or other reception equipment provided with the property are operational and will not pay for any work required to repair.
  • The Landlord does not guarantee that any burglar alarms provided with the property are operational and will not pay for any work required to repair.
  • If a telephone connection is not present, you will need to contact a provider to activate the line and any charges incurred will be payable by you as a tenant. This applies particularly to brand new properties.
  • You should make your own enquiries regarding which providers can give you an internet connection at the property as Property Power does not guarantee any advice given in this area. You are able to use whichever provider you wish, but you must not install a satellite dish without the landlords consent. Please ensure that if you do change your supplier, do not enter into any fixed term contract as this may leave you tied in longer than your tenancy.
  • Any open fireplace in the property is an accessory to the main heating system and as such is not maintained by the Landlord. If you wish to use it, you will need to obtain the Landlords permission in writing, and it is for use at your own risk. The chimney will need to be swept once a year, organised by you. However, if you provide Property Power with an invoice and certificate, the Landlord (via Property Power) will refund you the costs.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties. We understand that some people smoke – please do so outside. You will be liable for any costs incurred to fix any damages to the property caused by smoking. This may include decorating and cleaning costs.
  • Cellars are underground and therefore generally damp. They do not constitute as habitable rooms nor does the landlord guarantee the condition of tenant’s items if stored within. Levels of dampness in cellars will vary at different times of the year.


Frequently asked questions


Will I need a Guarantor?

You will need a guarantor if you are under the age of 21 and if you haven’t rented a property in the UK in the last twelve months. You may also need a Guarantor if you have an indifferent credit history.

The Guarantor must be a family member. They also need to be a homeowner and be earning sufficient funds in relation to the rental amount. (You are required to earn 36 x the monthly rental amount annually).  The Guarantor will be referenced and credit checked in the same way as described above and will also be required to provide the relevant ID including a mortgage statement to prove home ownership. The Guarantor must also provide all ID and complete the referencing process within the 14 days otherwise this may mean your application can be withdrawn and the property re-let.

The Guarantor will sign the tenancy agreement with you and will be expected to honour the tenancy agreement if, for any reason, you don’t.


How will I move into the property?

All Tenants and Guarantors must be present at the move in appointment which is conducted in our office not at the property, at an agreed date and time.

You will pay your first month’s rent and deposit. We do not charge for receiving this payment by debit card or bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, funds need to be cleared otherwise we are unable to release keys. Please note we do not accept cash or cheque.  

During your move in, ALL tenants residing at the property will be required to sign your new Tenancy Agreement. One this has been signed and the Rent and Deposit paid, you will be provided with the keys to your new property.  The owner of the property will not allow us to release the keys unless the above is complied with.

REMEMBER: Your move in appointment will be conducted in our office and not at the property.


How will I pay my rent?

First month – the remaining three weeks’ worth of rent will be required to have cleared into our account, if you are paying by BACS by the move in date, or you can pay by Debit or Credit Card at the move in appointment. On your second and subsequent month’s rent you will need to set up a Standing Order into our Property Power account. Please be aware that this is NOT a Direct Debit and will need to be set up and managed by you as the tenant. If any changes need to be applied to the payment, you are required to change them directly with your bank.

You’re rent will need to be paid into our NatWest Client Account which is protected by the CMP (Client Money Protection). The account details are above in the section Client Money Protection (CMP). They will also be on your Standing Order form.

If for example you move in on the 2nd of the month, rent will become due on the 2nd of every subsequent month.


What will happen to my deposit? 

Once the deposit has been paid on it will be transferred to and held with The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) during your tenancy.  As part of the Housing Act 2004 the Government introduced tenancy deposit protection for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales where a deposit is taken. From April 6th 2007, all deposits paid under an AST should have been protected within 30 calendar days of receipt by the Landlord. From 6th April 2012, deposits for all Assured Shorthold tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales must now be protected within 30 calendar days of receipt by the Landlord; this change is as a result of the Localism Bill 2011. You will be provided with Prescribed Information (PI) within 30 days of moving in and you are required to sign this and return this to our office.


Will my holding deposit be refunded? 

The circumstances under which a holding deposit will be refunded are:

  • If the Landlord withdraws the property from the market
  • If your reference application is successful and the Landlord decides not to proceed 

The circumstances under which holding deposits will not be refunded are:

  • If the Tenant/s withdraws their application at any point
  • If a Tenant/s fails the right to rent checks
  • If a Tenant/s provides false or misleading information (i.e. – CCJ, earning less than declared on their application form)
  • If any of the applicants, including the Guarantor fail to reach deadline of 14 days of completion of the referencing process

Your holding deposit will be put towards your dilapidation deposit prior to moving in.


Can I have a pet?

You are not allowed to keep pets at the property unless you have consent from Property Power on behalf of the Landlord. If the Landlord agrees that you can have a pet, this is at their absolute discretion.

The monthly rental amount will be higher than if there was no pet at the property. This will be shown in the advertisement for the property.

You will be responsible for any damage caused to the property and/or the garden by the pet.

NOTE:  If you introduce a pet without the Landlords prior consent, you will be given notice to end the tenancy at the earliest opportunity as you will be in Breach of your Terms and Conditions.


Can I decorate?

If you would like to re-decorate the property, you must inform Property Power in writing by advising which rooms you would like to decorate and what colour schemes you are wishing to do. Property Power will speak with your Landlord to approve any works to the property. You will need written confirmation from Property Power before any work is carried out otherwise you will be required to return the room to the original colour.

Any work which is carried out is required to be of a high standard and to ensure that there is no damage to the property in any way. We can recommend a contractor if you so wish.

If it has been agreed that the decoration can be changed, you must be aware that you will need to change the décor back to the original neutral colours at the end of your tenancy unless agreed with Property Power.  



Once the holding deposit has been paid, Property Power will send across your reference application form by email for you to complete. If you want to speed up your application, you should contact the people you have named on your application to advise them that they will be contacted to confirm the information you have provided.

Note – ALL referencing needs to be completed within 14 days of the Holding Deposit being paid.

Property Power will not contact you regarding the general progress of your application, unless one of your referees has not been contactable. Contact will be made to confirm the outcome of your application.


What to do if I have a complaint?

Information on what to do if you have a complaint can be found here.